We’re a modern and innovative production company that produce out the best Films | TV shows| Events | Distribution.

We are filmmakers, storytellers, cinematographic engineers.



We Believe in Team Work



From Brainstorming concepts, to scripting a story, to fleshing out ideas into shots, our directors can work with clients to start a project with the perfect blend of creative inspiration  and message-driven focus.


We bring together the best talent, resources, crew and equipment for  team that will work together and with energy and passion for what we do.


Between editing choices, graphics or animation, audio work and music, our post process is a form of writing and storytelling all of its own. We take great pride in taking raw footage into a polished final cut.


With global reach across digital, cable TV, and subscription on-demand services, Ground Zero Inc. brings films and television to screens, big and small. With sales and marketing experience to get the best exposure and a powerful platform, The Orchard’s blend of human expertise and innovative tech make it a transparent, unique and forward-thinking company.